Meet the Founders

Meet the Founders

Makers’ Network was formed by three YouTube makers and bloggers, ranging from a variety of skills and knowledge, but all share the same passion for creating and inspiring.  With DIY and making still a relatively new niche here in the UK, we found DIY opportunities were lost among lifestyle blogging agencies.  So, after a friendship was born, we decided to create a dedicated place brands and influential makers could find their perfect match for collaborative campaigns, tool launches or press days.  If you’d like to get in touch with one of us to find a suitable maker or team to hire, then you can contact us in the form at the bottom of the page.

Co Founder and Editor, John Clothier

By day, John is a data analyst manager, but after 25 years in the IT industry, he started woodturning as a way to unwind and produce something tangible. During his development process, John started sharing his experiences on his YouTube channel John Clothier, to help others watch and learn while also charting his progress. Now by night, John is a well established woodturning showman, exhibiting and demonstrating his impressive contemporary and artistic designs across the UK. John has not only featured his work for House of Fraser and Sir Alfred East Art Gallery, but has also performed LIVE demos for crowds organised by Record Power and Woodworking LIVE as part of the D&M Tool Show.  You can find out more about him here on his website.

the carpenter's daughter

Co Founder and Editor, Vikkie Richmond

Vikkie is an award winning DIY and home improvement blogger and YouTuber of The Carpenter’s Daughter with almost 20k subscribers.  Originally graduating with a degree in Journalism, Vikkie entered the world of retail management.  Then after buying her first house in 2014, she started creating and sharing recipes on her popular food blog, Tastefully Vikkie, now reaching 200k hits a month.  Once becoming a full time blogger, Vikkie started her own home renovations and still shares her progress in easy to understand language on her The Carpenter’s Daughter YouTube channel.  She makes it her mission to teach every novice that they don’t always need to hire a professional.  During her time, she has worked with many brands such as Mano Mano, Dickies, FFX Tools, Record Power and has been featured on BBC’s Right on the Money, The Sunday Times and more.  She’s also a regular guest on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio.

Co Founder and Editor, Average Joe’s Joinery

Joe will be the first to call himself Average, but that doesn’t mean that what he creates isn’t extraordinary. He runs a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to showing his audience that anyone and everyone can make stuff, even an Average Joe. Joe was driven to start his channel and blog when his health meant he had to leave work.  He needed something to keep his mind busy so he spent his time tinkering and messing about in his shed.  This has resulted in him growing his channel to an audience of 20k people.  He has worked with well known DIY and tool brands such as DeWalt, Evolution Power Tools, Toolstop and Screwfix to produce step by step project tutorials, quick tips and reviews.